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Durable, Liquid Applied Coatings for Your Facility, Business,or Home

Stylestone Surfaces can provide and install almost any of the Epoxy and Urethane liquid applied flooring products available today. We are expert installers of epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, cementitious urethanes, anti-static and MMA flooring, and we are constantly educating ourselves about the latest available systems and technologies. Let us help recommend, plan and install the right Epoxy and Urethane resin system for your specific needs.

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Choosing the Right Epoxy and Urethane Resin Flooring System

There are countless different liquid applied systems on the market today, and there are many considerations when choosing a resin type for your specific project, including:

  • UV stability: Not all resin flooring is UV stable. Some types will turn amber and become brittle over time when exposed to UV light
  • Durability: Some coatings are far more durable than others. Depending on your specific needs, factors such as impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and bond strength must be considered
  • Chemical resistance: Some resin flooring systems stand up better to certain types of chemicals and acids.This may be an important factor for facilities such as breweries, airplane hangers, automotive shops, or certain types of manufacturing or warehouse facilities
  • Coating thickness: Coating thickness is always a factor worth considering when choosing a resin flooring system. For heavier traffic or high impact applications, a thicker coating may be wise to ensure that your coating’s lifespan meets your expectations
  • Hygiene: Many resin systems can be fortified with anti microbial agents to ensure that your facility remains hygienic.This may be a consideration for food storage, processing facilities, medical labs, or production facilities

Common applications for Epoxy and Urethane Resin Flooring Systems

  • Brewery and distillery floors
  • Licensed cannabis facilities
  • Warehouse floors
  • Garage floors
  • Airplane hanger floors
  • Food processing or storage facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Production facilities

Epoxy and Urethane Floors Provide You With Peace of Mind

There are many advantages for your business and home when you install epoxy and urethane floors:



Seamless and


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      Solutions for any application:

      Seamless and Hygienic – All of our Epoxy and Urethane resin flooring systems are 100% seamless and non-porous. They can be treated with anti-microbial agents, ensuring that your facility is easy to clean, and leaving nowhere for germs or contaminants to hide.

      Durable – We use only the highest quality resin systems, ensuring that your floors will stand the test of time, no matter how punishing the environment.

      Cost Effective – Epoxy and Urethane Resin floors are typically a cost-effective way to meet the demanding performance needs of almost any commercial, industrial, or residential application.

      Peace of Mind – All Stylestone resin flooring systems are backed by an industry leading warranty.

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      Stylestone Testimonials

      "Adam - I want to thank you for coming to our rescue on that project. (Inspire Dental) It was fast becoming our nightmare and you helped turn it into a dream. Your professionalism and willingness to get it done (even on a long weekend) was much appreciated by all involved. I wish Stylestone every success and will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone that is looking for a quality floor finish for their tenant improvement project."

      Doug Preston VP - Sales
      Arborlea Developments Ltd

      "I have had the pleasure of dealing with Adam and his crew at Stylestone Surfaces on several projects over the past 6 years. Adam has gone out of his way many times to help make dealing with them an absolute pleasure. They have created some beautiful floors for us. Each installation has been unique and has a one of a kind feel to it, at a reasonable cost. Stylestone is an awesome product, and Adam and his guys will be doing many projects with me."

      Scott Renaud - President
      Score Construction Ltd

      "We have owned numerous houses, with everything from cork floors to carpet, and these concrete floors are most definitely our favourite so far. They have so many different configurations and colours available that some of the most complex designs seen simple.This floor absolutely modernized our house. We were a bit hesitant to do the concrete because we thought it might be hard on the feet, but to our surprise, the thin concrete overlay isn’t much different than walking on hardwood. The best part about this flooring is that it is durable/flexible. For anybody contemplating this flooring system, we highly recommend it!"

      Stacy L. - Homeowner
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