Beautiful Seamless Flooring for Your Business or Home

Stylestone Concrete floors are a fantastic choice for just about any commercial, institutional, or residential flooring project you can think of. Unlike traditional polished concrete floors, our floors are overlays – a thin, flexible concrete topping, consisting of a unique blend of acrylic polymers, sand, and cement, which is hand troweled over concrete or plywood substrates to produce a beautiful and unique polished concrete look. We hand stain and seal all floors using industrial quality sealants, leaving you with a customized, durable, hygienic and low maintenance surface that is sure to impress all of your customers or guests.

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Concrete Flooring that Suits Both your Design Needs and Budget

Stylestone Concrete floors are highly customizable, and are typically a cost-effective flooring option. Variables that have an impact on the total cost of your project include:

  • The total square footage of concrete flooring to be coated
  • Your existing substrate
  • What sort of prep work needs to be completed
  • The complexity of the space. For example, is your space a single large room or multiple small rooms and hallways
  • Customization of your concrete floor, including custom or multiple colours, complex patterns, logos or embedded artwork
  • Installation timing – can your project be completed during normal work hours, or do you require evening or weekend installation
  • Location

We would love the chance to provide you with the concrete floor you have envisioned. We will work with you to explain your options, identify opportunities and provide installation services that fit your budget, and reflect your personal design tastes.

Seemless Concrete Flooring Provides You With Peace of Mind

There are many advantages for your business and home when you choose a Stylestone concrete floor:



Seamless and


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