When Only a Flat Floor Will Do

Is your substrate cracked, sunken, uneven, or generally unsuitable for the project at hand? Stylestone can help with a self-levelling concrete installation, saving you the hassle and money that come with more costly alternatives. Self-levelling concrete can be installed on top of any non-flexible surface, including concrete, ceramic tile, VCT, or even plywood.

Self-levelling concrete can turn the worst substrate into the perfect one, with the added benefit of quick installation and curing, making this an ideal choice for residential or business applications in need of a fast turnaround.

Stylestone takes great pride in exceeding your expectations for quality, service, value and reliability. Stylestone’s experienced and proven professionals understand what it takes to create a stress-free self-levelling concrete installation. Are you looking to have a floor levelled prior to hardwood, vinyl plank, carpet, or tile installation? Stylestone Surfaces can manage any levelling project, big or small. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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